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    Rules in game Empty Rules in game

    Post by Dev.Grodux on Sun 5 Feb - 14:46

    Welcome to Rappelz-Malzague!


    The violation of these rules(rulers) will result in concrete and serious actions(shares), which could go to a suspension perms of your account; The penalties and other decisions of the staff of Rappelz-Malzague can beings subjects with changes; In the discretion of the staff, the failure to respect the charter can directly result in a heavier penalty than those quoted. --------------------------------------------------

    Behavior / Harassment

    To be a member(Be a part) of the community of Rappelz-Malzague amounts to live as in the real life, the manners are important. You will never be lacking a respect to the person with whom you converse. We wish to have a responsible community where any excess of behavior could see itself sanctioned(punished). You also have to consider that that that you think of being a correct behavior for you can turn out to be shocking for the others. Indeed, MMORPGS gather(combine) a great deal of players of cultures and different origins.

    Spam / Flood

    It is about the sending of messages polluting the channels(canals) of discussions in game(set,play).

    Inappropriate language

    It is about any inappropriate conversation, in particular inciting to the racism, concerning the religion, the politics(policy) or other subjects which can hurt the community.


    It is about any attempt of impersonation of a member(limb) of the community team of Rappelz or of a player to remove an advantage. The characters that must be considered those some staff Rappelz-Malzague are recognizable to the guild. Or of a player to remove an advantage from it. The characters that must be considered as those some staff Rappelz-Malzague are recognizable to the guild.

    False reports(relationships)

    It is about any report(relationship) sent to the staff to remove an advantage from it or imply(involve) another player in a situation not having taken place so that he(it) is sanctioned(punished).


    In the universe of Rappelz, you will meet many players with whom you will may exchange objects. Pay however attention, behind a player can hide a thief who will not hesitate to make you pockets. Verify several times the contents of the exchange, the price(prize) etc., do not hesitate to take a screen if need. If you are a victim of a swindle, to contact a member(limb) of the staff and this one will make(conduct) an investigation(survey) on the fact that he(it) Passed.

    Cheating/Use of bugs

    Only the "normal" said use of the game is authorized. Indeed, the discovery of a fault in the game must have gone back to the staff and should not be used in game to remove an advantage. Once the information reached the staff, this one will pass on her then in developers so that the necessity is made. Besides, the use of third or software software of "malformed" is strictly forbidden in game, just like the hacking or the attempt of obtaining of identifiers of the other players. The violation of these rules will result in concrete and serious actions, being able to go to a suspension perms of your account.

    The PK

    We are on a waiter PvP and who considers the PK, as an integral part of the game. He is Thus normal to authorize the PK in game(set,play). The only conditions where the PK is forbidden is:
    --The PK of more than 3 times in a row in the zones of FARM and DUNGEON is now forbidden. ( 1 HOUR )

    --The PK of players of 25 lvl or more is strictly forbidden.

    --Spawn kill is forbidden

    --Harrassement on a player is forbidden

    For any complaint of non respect of these rules thank you to send the proofs in private message.

    Best Regards, the Staff Rappelz-Malzague

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