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    Current drop and exp rate.



    Keep current drop and exp rate?

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    Date d'inscription : 2017-03-05

    Current drop and exp rate.

    Post by friedmozart on Sun 5 Mar - 21:57

    Hey guys,

    I think you should leave the current boosted rates as normal, the server is much more enjoyable right now and there are 45+ players online at the moment !
    The normal rates and grind is a little bit too difficult for a private server - investing so much time in to grind is not easy especially with low playerbase.

    I suggest we keep the current boosted rates, reduce MP drop a little bit as it is ridiculous.
    The game right is great and enjoyable even though pet card drop rate is still extremely low.


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    You are false

    Post by [AD]Pierre on Sun 5 Mar - 22:21

    The game with out boost is perfect, its a low rate and not a normal private server with exp x 999.

    Have fun bye

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    Date d'inscription : 2017-03-05

    Re: Current drop and exp rate.

    Post by Rylai on Sun 5 Mar - 22:34

    I can't say I don't like these rates, but they can't stay this way. If you want to maintain higher rates, decrease MP drop rate first. Also, I'm afraid with drop rate being higher you need to decrase items' sell value. It's really cool to have easy access to EQ and I don't think it's harmful to the game balance. The harmful thing how easy you can farm money with it. I have got over 1 bil just from selling R6 stuff. T4 cards drop is also high, despite what other are saying. It's quite random and T4's still are quite hard to tame, tho.

    ALSO VERY IMPORTANT THING: Add the freaking Ice Maidens to VI. A T4 pet card which is supposed to be valueable item is completely useless.... confused confused confused

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    Re: Current drop and exp rate.

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